• Giving Back to the Community: Blake P. King

  • Posted on June 15, 2018
  • These days, Blake P. King’s is an acknowledged leader in the sales and marketing community of Atlanta. That likely happened because, years ago, he learned the most important values of a successful marketer, which is to encourage your customer to understand You see, back when he was going door-to-door, selling educational books in Michigan, he learned the best way to sell is to show customers how his product will improve their lives. Blake P. King is excited to help people and it shows. Those books were intended to help parents prepare their children for a successful school life in school; all he had to do was show the parents how the entire family would benefit.

    Blake King Atlanta

    Most of what Blake P. King does is sales and marketing is based on his personal philosophy that selling is all about demonstrating the value of the items or services you are selling, regardless of what it is. he customer or client simply has to believe they need the product. Blake truly believes that such a thing cannot be taught in a sales school or a seminar; it’s only learned through experience and practice.

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